Arastta 1.6.2 XSS Disclosure

Synopsis: Arastta 1.6.2 xss vulnerability
Product: Arastta eCommerce: Free Shopping Cart
Version: 1.6.2
Researcher: Matt Landers

The xss that I have found is fairly straight forward."--!>GIF89a/*<svg/onload=alert(document.cookie)>*/=alert(document.domain)//;

Replace '' with the server you would like to test.



Peel Shopping Cart 9.0.0 csrf/xss disclosure.

Description: Peel Shopping Cart is prone to various CSRF and XSS vulnerabilities.
The csrf example below opens two tabs. The first tab adds an item to the users cart
and the second tab modifies the attributes of that item showing a Post XSS.

Also the XSS appears to be persistant as long as the modified cart item, remains in the cart.

Here is a link to a poc, obviously replace all hostnames with the host you would like to test.