TPLink tl-wr802n Auth bypass

The TPLink tl-wr802n version 4.0 is vulnerable to authentication bypass via altering the referrer attribute.

I did not realize that this vulnerability had been previously disclosed except that the model mentioned above was not included or known about in the initial report.  I am linking to securelayer7’s finding first so that you can read it.

I really wanted to like this device but I couldn’t make myself use it in a public setting.  That being said tplink was very fast in providing a beta firmware for me to try which fixed the issue with this specific model.

As this vulnerability has been covered in depth, I will just provide the request screenshots of the Authenticated, Unauthenticated, and Bypass in Burp.





Next all that is required is to add the Referer: to the request and you will be allowed access to most functions, again check securelayer7’s post about this as it has been tested in depth.




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